Precision Knife Sharpening System

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  • Anyone can sharpen even the cheapest knives to cut like razors  

  • All metal construction
  • Quick change sharpening stone holder

  • 4 whetstones included!

  • Sharpen multiple blade and tool types with the universal blade clamp

Designed by Professionals

The Ruixin Pro knife sharpener was designed by professional blade smiths to offer the simplest, most precise and most versatile blade and tool sharpening system. The multi use blade clamp allows the user to sharpen more than just kitchen knives. You can sharpen hunting knives, woodworking knives, pocket knives, planer tools, scissors, razors and more! The grind angle can be easily adjusted and maintained throughout the sharpening process allowing even novice knife sharpeners to sharpen a perfect edge on any knife. 

Why Choose the Ruixin Pro?

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Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener

  • Used by professional sushi chefs 

  • Always maintains perfect grind angle

  • Removes only the amount of material needed for sharpening

  • Can be used with all types of blades including scissors 

  • Sharpens from tip to heel perfectly

- Versus -

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Regular Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Not used by professional chefs

  • Cannot maintain correct grind angle

  • Ruins knives by removing too much material

  • Can only be used with a few types a blades 
  • Doesn't sharpen the heel of the blade

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Ruixin Standard Kit

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Standard Kit

  • 1 - Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener

  • 4 - Whetstones (#120, #320, #600, #1500)

  • Storage Case

100% No-Risk Guarantee


Ruixin Deluxe Kit

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Deluxe Kit

  • 1 - Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener

  • 4 - Whetstones (#240, #400, #800, #1000)

  • 4 - Diamond Stones (#200, #500, #800, #1500)

  • Storage Case

100% No-Risk Guarantee


Ruixin Professional Kit

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Professional Kit
  • 1 - Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener

  • 4 - Whetstones (#240, #400, #800, #1000)

  • 4 - Diamond Stones (#200, #500, #800, #1500)

  • 2 - Oil Stones (#3000, #6000

  • Storage Case

100% No-Risk Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

What grit sharpening stones does it come with?

The Ruixin Pro knife sharpener comes with 4 whetstones: 120#, 320#, 600#, 1500#
How does it mount?

The Ruixin Pro uses a clamp mount that can be clamped to counters, tables and work benches. 

What angles can it grind?

You can adjust the grinding able from 0 degrees to 15 degrees.

Can I sharpen scissors with the Ruixin Pro?

Yes you can! Along with many other blades and tools.

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